Frequency Fetish

Hangar 13 Presents

Frequency Fetish

First Fracture, Cyanide Smile, Inside the Gray

Sat, May 18, 2013

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

Hangar 13

New Orleans, LA

$5.00 - $8.00

This event is 18 and over

Frequency Fetish
Frequency Fetish
Music is a rythmic act performed and felt by whoever are "playing and listening" together. Our goal is to deeply connect with our fans by playing music that inspires and heals the same way the music we listen to inspires and heals us.
In April of 2012, former Vixus members Micah Duplessis and Jordan Droy paid a visit to the practice space of guitarist and bassist , Nick Payne and Matt Raino. Chemistry between the 4 quickly yielded explosive results. After months of intense jamming under the new name, Creatures of Habit, a few lineup changes, and the formation of powerful writing compilation between the 4, the new power quad was...See More
Carefully calculated melodic vibrations which are designed to synergetically enhance and compliment one another, while simultaneously expanding the minds of mankind and any creature with the ability to hear and feel.
Band Interests
play. worship. play
First Fracture
First Fracture
We are First Fracture, our music is driven by heart-felt and to the point song writing, and we take pride in each and every lyric and note. Our lyrics are very truthful and to the point. Many songs deal with every day struggles and personal experiences that most people can relate with. We hope that one day we can leave our mark in today's music. We find inspiration in many different
subjects, and we believe this brings our music to life. But the heart and soul of our band lie in the determination of each other, this keeps us faithful to the music which continues to build and grow each time we plug in. We all got into this just for the love of music and that isn't going to change anytime soon. If we're not happy with our music, no one else will be and with our most recent line up, it gives us our best chance to do just that.

After a couple of years of playing for fun, we decided it was time to take it to the next level. We pride ourselves on our live performances, not only do we want write great songs but also entertain the audience with our stage show. We’ve really worked hard to get rid of any distractions so we can just focus on the music. With airplay from many local and internet radio channels, a growing fan base and a no compromise attitude, First Fracture is raising the bar and setting a new standard for the Louisiana rock scene.
Band Interests
Join The First Fracture Underground
Artists We Also Like
Staind, Breaking Benjaim, Switchfoot , Cold, Skillet, 30 Seconds To Mars, 3 Doors Down, Chevelle, etc.
Cyanide Smile
Inside the Gray
Venue Information:
Hangar 13
1511 South Rendon St.
New Orleans, LA, 70125